These are some of the recent publications we have contributed to

The Effective Change Managers Handbook

Edited by Richard Smith, David King, Ranjit Sidhu and Dan Skelsey
Published by Kogan Page in 2014

We have contributed to Chapter 2 "Defining Change" where we wrote sections A and B.

This contribution looks at the role of change in delivering an organisation strategy and argues that doing change is the strategic competence of an organisation.
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Organizational Change Explained

Edited by Sarah Coleman and Bob Thomas
Published by Kogan Page in 2017

We co-authored Chapter 13 with Sarah Coleman on the topic of Change Capacity and Change capability.

This contribution looks at the problem of trying to do too much change in an organisation with limited capacity to do that change -- the answer is to do less change and do that change more effectively. It also looks at the capability of the people who do change (the change capacity) and how that can be assessed using a maturity model. Assessing change maturity gives an organisation a road map to improve its ability to do change so that a limited capacity can achieve more.

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