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New Year, New Behaviour

New ways of thinkingfirworks

The new year party is over and everyone turns to wonder what the new year will be like. And then you start to think about what are you going to do to make it better and different. Of course there are plenty of articles and blogs to suggest some ideas — and this is one of them! In this context a blog by Rosabeth Moss Kanter stands out with some excellent ideas about doing change.

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A Middle Ground approach to change

MITSloan Management Review, Winter 2013

In a recent MIT Sloan Management Review (Winter 2013) one of the articles describes what it calls a ‘Middle Ground’ approach to change. I thought it worth reporting as it has a couple of neat ideas about where to get ideas for change.
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Change Management at Prosci

One of our favourite web sites for both strategic change and little tips on doing change better is that run by the US consultancy called Prosci (pronounced pro — as in professional — and sci — as in science). The strength of the Prosci web site is that the insights they share come from both their experience and a bi-annual survey they conduct amongst their six hundred odd customers worldwide. They have two interesting items that you might like to have a look at:
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