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Prosci second free webinar series for 2013

Prosci and the Change Management Learning Center have released the second free webinar series for 2013. This special six-part series includes a selection of webinars that we feel you may find of interest.

The webinars are run from the east coast in the US so they happen from 4pm to 5:30pm here in the UK and provide some real insight from their research.

The special six-part series includes the following topics click to read on

How does that affect the benefits?

We have a focus for all of our training on change: delivering benefits to our clients. We also use a similar mantra with our clients to help them be successful in change which is:

How does that affect the benefits?

It is intended to focus every interaction, from the top down, on the benefits and the risks to achieving them. If your correspondent can’t identify an impact on the benefits then you should stop the conversation and have one that does affect the benefits. Using a simple technique like this it doesn’t take long  to make a change become benefits focused. Making sure everyone understands the benefits and is focused on delivering them is a simple, but essential, technique to focus behaviour on success. click for more

Change Management at Prosci

One of our favourite web sites for both strategic change and little tips on doing change better is that run by the US consultancy called Prosci (pronounced pro — as in professional — and sci — as in science). The strength of the Prosci web site is that the insights they share come from both their experience and a bi-annual survey they conduct amongst their six hundred odd customers worldwide. They have two interesting items that you might like to have a look at:
click here to read about the webinars