terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Who we are

Your e-learning products are purchased from the Centre for Change Management Ltd (C4CM™) who can be contacted:

  • Via email using: enquiries@c4cm.co.uk
  • Via the telephone using: +44 117 230 5091
  • Via post using: Centre for Change Management Ltd., The Wool Hall, 12 St Thomas Street, Bristol BS1 6JJ, UK

The Contract

When you commit to the purchase of e-learning products with C4CM you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions.

You agree to use the e-learning material for your own personal learning and not to reproduce, sell, hire or copy Course Materials (in whole or in part) and not to use such materials except for personal reference.

Access will be given to the online materials of a single Award course for a fixed registration period (usually 3 months unless a different period is indicated on your receipt). After this period you may apply to have access extended provided a satisfactory reason is given. We reserve the right to refuse access after the initial period at our sole discretion.

Where you have purchased a Certificate including a number of Award courses then you will be given access to online material for all of the Awards you registered for a fixed period (usually 1 year unless a different period is indicated on your receipt). Once you have opened the materials for any individual module you may not change your option, otherwise you may change your chosen options at any time.

Access to the online materials is through our e-learning site.


Once purchase has been made you will be given automatic access to the online materials for e-learning, no refund is available after you have accessed the e-learning portal. No refund is given where a delegate does not complete the course or submit an assessment.

You may apply for a refund within 28 days of your purchase providing you have not accessed the e-learning portal (logged in). An administration fee of £40 will be deducted from the purchase price to cover registration fees and other costs. Request a refund, stating your reasons, by email to enquiries@c4cm.co.uk


Copyright, ownership and all intellectual property rights for all Course Materials shall remain the property of the Centre for Change Management Ltd.  

Assessment and Qualifications

The initial deadline for submission of your assessment to be awarded a qualification is your initial registration period. You may request an extension by providing a satisfactory reason. We reserve the right to refuse an extension at our sole discretion.
You may appeal an assessment decision by contacting us and giving notice of the basis of your appeal. Our internal appeals process will then be invoked.

You will receive a certificate for each individual Award obtained through a successful assessment. The certificate will show all of the Awards you have achieved with us.

If you achieve the Certificate in Managing Change we will register you on the National Learning Database which will require your Unique Learner Number. This information will be sought during registration. You may decline to be registered.

Privacy and Data Protection

We will not share your personal information with any third party nor use your personal information for marketing purposes without your permission.

We will use some of your personal information to register you with our accreditation company (Pearson-EDI plc) who will issue your certificate on completion of a successful assessment. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information is correct for use on certificates.

All of your information we collect is either to ensure we can identify you as an individual (e.g. your name, sex and date of birth), or to communicate with you (email and telephone number) or to post a physical certificate (your address). Additionally your email address is used as an identifier to give you access to our online system.

The Centre for Change Management is registered with the Information Commissioner in the UK, registration number Z2003918.

Prices and VAT

All prices are shown in UK£. We accept payment by credit card and will debit your account with the price shown in UK£ which will be converted by your credit card supplier if you hold an account in a different currency.

Orders made from the UK or the European Union will have a VAT charge of 20% added, all other orders will be VAT free. Our VAT registration number is GB985 4853 60.

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