Course structure and learning paths

Our courses are designed to appeal to everyone involved in managing change in an organisation. Two key roles stand out: those managing change with the end users in an organisation and those who are running projects and programmes to deliver capabilities for change.

There is a lot of overlap as well as specialist knowledge between the two roles and this is reflected in the structure used to describe the courses. The static diagram below contains links to details of each of the courses. Whilst the dynamic diagram on the right, using prezzi technology, explains the relationship in a more interesting way.

Each of our online courses is supportd by a tutor who will help you with any problems in understanding the materials and then guide you through the assessment to achieve your award. Further benefits for you are described on our benefits page. You will also be able to interact with other students through social mechanisms on the Learning Portal.

Download some sample material and learn how the online courses work. To see how these topics interact see our article on doing change.

Course Structure Programme management overview course Project management overview planning course assurance assessor course Programme Office role course Vision and blueprint course benefits management course Stakeholder engagement and communications course risk management course change manager role course people change soft skills course project and programme role project programme staff role change manager role change manager role

Click on an area to find out more about an individual course or on the role title (or image) to learn more about the two key roles.

Learning Paths

Depending on which of the two key roles you feel you are in you could choose a different learning path to meet your needs. See our page on the programme and project staff for those who are creating the capability for change and the change manager & change team page for those who are working with people in the organisation to create change and deliver benefits.

To complete our Certificate in Managing Change you can combine any courses that make sense to you, as long as the combination meets the requirement for the award. See the Certificate page for more details. A certificate could save you money if you plan to study a number of online modules with us.