Qualification scroll.Levels and Credits: an explanation


Our levels are based on the Qualifications and Credit Framework which is a structure regulated by the UK Government to show how qualifications from GCSE to a PhD fit together.

Every qualification from C4CM is developed to use certain thinking skills, these are reflected in the level. The harder the thinking skills the higher the level of the qualification. These levels are standardised by the UK Government. Our courses are aimed at the thinking skills and knowledge you need as a manager or leader delivering change in your organisation.

Information about the levels is described on the ofqual web site. There is a page on wikipedia that has an excellent description of the levels.

An advantage of qualifications in the QCF is that they are compatible with other qualifications on the same topics and at the same level. All of the C4CM qualifications are mapped into the national standards for Management. This means C4CM qualifications may contribute credits towards a larger management qualification at the same level. To help you get these credits we register all successful candidates for the level 4 Certificate in Managing Change with the national database at the Learning Records Service.

Credits & Guided Learning Hours

Qualifications in the QCF are given specific names depending on the number of credits which the qualification includes. One credit equates to about 10 guided learning hours (GLH).

Qualification Name Credits
Award 1 - 12 credits
Certificate 13 - 36 credits
Diploma 37 or more credits

Qualifications Credit Framework