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click on the image to download a sample chapter

Online Courses Sample Material

The format for our self study online training materials is:

  • Well written text which explains the concepts and skills to you as clearly as possible. Our brief to the writer is to imagine explaining to a class in front of you.
  • Thought exercises to get you to think about what the concepts and skills mean in real situations. This is the start of turning the course material into your knowledge.
  • Practical exercises based on your workplace which contribute to the assessment of the course and award of the qualification.
  • Tutor support so there is a human you can ask questions and get additional explanations.

The course material is broken down into topics that represents a practical approach. Each topic is available in a chapter which, when put with all of the chapters in a course, makes a nice little pamphlet for you to take away. A sample chapter from our course on Risk Management is available for you to download and see if this approach is for you.

Social Learning

Self study can be isolating so our online learning portal provides different opportunities to share your questions and insights with other students. You can use the course blog to:

  • See what previous students thought and discussed about the topic
  • Exchange ideas and experiences with current students
  • Leave you thoughts an ideas for future students

You can exchange emails and blog comments with your tutor.

You can use the site blog to communicate about Change Management in general with students on other courses and the course tutors as well as authors.