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Newsletter Archive

April 2015

C4CM becomes an ILM Recognised Provider

Using qualifications to demonstrate value (to training company customers)

We contribute to a PMI Forum on "Too Much Change"

New blog posts on training return on investment: "Aim Higher, Be Better" and how to promote the change part of a project in "Where projects end and change begins"


Competence vs Knowledge
C4CM training partner Aspire Europe wins Silver Training Journal Award; we support the team.

The Effective Change Managers Handbook is published -- we contribute.

New blog posts on the Change Curve and Change Advocates.
#Tweet of the week - We are at the TJ Awards as the Silver Award is announced.


Agile -- is it really different?
Training return on investment

Prism Projects joins C4CM

New blog posts on Implementing strategy and Organising to make decisions
#Tweet of the week - Aspire Europe publish MSP survival guide


Collaboration with the University of Brighton
APM SIG on Enabling Change is launched

New blog posts on Contributors for success and Reporting Bias
#Tweet of the week - Aspire Europe on Risk Management


Change Manager course goes online
New book on change management planned to align with recent standards

New blog posts on Government Blunders and what we can learn from them
#Tweet of the week - Pearcemayfield -- the value of Change Management


The year of the Change Manager
New standards for Change Management published

New Change SIG at APM

New blog posts on Thinking and making decisions work
#Tweet of the week - There has been a disturbance in the force ...

November December

Another candidate completes Certificate
Donnie MacNichol joins our Advisory Board
Over 700 candidates have been registered

New blog posts on Change Management
#Tweet of the week - Aspire align their Align toolkit with change

Persuasion Skills
Sue Vowler and Andy Murray join our Advisory Board
New workbook assessment format
#Tweet of the week - Bestoutcome blog on shareholder value

Making Decisions
New Online course format
Assessing Skills and Training impact

ACMP Change Management Conference
#Tweet of the week - Congratulations to Elisabeth Goodman who has a chapter published in a new book

July August
Fair and valid Assessment?
Online courses
New book on Stakeholder Engagement
#Tweet of the week - Focus on the business outcome
Using a capability model for organisation change
C4CM is now registered with the Government Growth Accelerator
Quiver Management become an accredited partner
RiverRhee Consulting become an accredited partner
#Tweet of the week - Mid-level manager superhero!
Rate of change increases
Capability Model for Organisation Change
Bestoutcome - make change happen
#Tweet of the week - Change saturation
How does that affect the benefits?
A framework for change
Qualifications standards & steering board
On-line courses are licensed by the Cabinet Office
#Tweet of the week
What is the Change Curve?
A framework for change
C4CM reaches Australia
Who is the Chief Change Officer?
Do you need a Change Manager?
Aspire Europe experiences continued growth
the Centre for Change Management

show/hideModular Certificates:approx 130 hours study

Certificate in Managing Change,
Level 4, Approx 130 guided learning hours

show/hideModules & Awards:approx 20-30 hours study

Topic Overviews

Programme Management Overview,
Level 3, Approx 20 guided learning hours

Project Management Overview,
Level 3, Approx 20 guided learning hours

Role Based

Programme Office,
Level 3, Approx 20 guided learning hours

Business Change Manager Introduction,
Level 3, Approx 20 guided learning hours

Principles of...

Benefits Management,
Level 4, Approx 30 guided learning hours

People and Change,
Level 4, Approx 30 guided learning hours

Stakeholder Engagement and Communications,
Level 4, Approx 30 guided learning hours

Risk Management,
Level 4, Approx 30 guided learning hours

Vision and Blueprint Design,
Level 4, Approx 30 guided learning hours

Planning and Estimating,
Level 4, Approx 30 guided learning hours

Maturity Model or Assurance Assessor,
Level 4, Approx 30 guided learning hours