Course: Business Change Manager role

Qualification description:


This module introduces Best Practice in the Business Change Manager role based on the Managing Successful Programmes framework.

It provides an opportunity for you to explore key concepts and apply them to your organisation. The language and tools of the Business Change Manager are introduced in a consistent structure.

Who is the qualification for?

  • Experienced operational members of staff who are already involved in change or are about to be involved in delivering change in your work unit.

Anyone whose job includes:

  • change manager,
  • programme or project executive,
  • project manager, programme manager,
  • programme/project office staff .

After this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and list the relevant concepts from Programme Management best practice that apply to the role of the Business Change Manager.
  • Apply the appropriate concepts from business change to the role of the Business Change Manager in your organisation.
  • Identify and use the language of the Business Change Manager role to produce a review of what needs to be done based on your own work.


Assessment for C4CM modules is vocational. This means you are assessed on evidence showing how you applied the concepts, skills and tools you’ve learnt to your own working environment.

Assessment Criteria

You will need to:

  • carry out an assessment of a change situation based on your workplace environment using the concepts and tools of the course covering benefits, stakeholders and risks
  • propose some actions that will address any concerns and help ensure the success of the change.

Topics covered by the Course Material

  • The structure of the role and delivering benefits.
  • Planning for successful change
  • Executing change with people in organisations
  • Sustaining change to deliver benefits and measure success
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