Course: Certificate in Managing Change

Qualification description:

Graduate Certificate


This is a significant qualification demonstrating a broad knowledge and skill set in Managing Change. You will choose from a number of modules to create a relevant body of knowledge that meets your specific needs.

To achieve the Certificate qualification you will choose from a number of modules. The exact combination is being worked out.

See how the modules relate to specific job roles on the course structure page.

Please express interest for the Certificate in the box on the right and we will register you manually for the qualification. You can choose your modules at registration. The price for the Certificate is £960 (inc VAT) which includes 5 modules. This represents a significant saving over 5 individual modules.

Managing Change modules description of bebefits management award People & change: Soft skills in change Stakeholder engagement and communications Risk management for change projects and programmes Planning for projects and programmes Vision and blueprint document development Maturity model assessor Business change manager role programme and project office role programme management overview Project Management Award

*modules in italics are under development.

 Download a pdf.

Candidates who are successful in this qualification will have their credits recorded on the National Learning Records Service.

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