Course: Programme and Project Office role

Qualification description:


This module explores Best Practice in Programme Office operation and management.

It introduces the language of the Programme Office and provides an opportunity to explore the application of key concepts in Programme Office operation and management to your organisation.

Who is the qualification for?

People working in a project or programme office or are about to be involved in such work.

Anyone whose job includes:

  • programme/project office manager or staff,
  • subject matter experts,
  • project manager,
  • programme manager,
  • programme or project executive,
  • change manager,
  • working with a programme or project office.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and list the relevant material that applies to the management and operation of a Programme and Project Office.
  • Apply the appropriate principles and processes to the operation and management of a Programme Office.
  • Identify and use the appropriate language of Programme Office activity to produce a review of a Programme or Project Office and suggest a plan for performance improvement.


Assessment for C4CM modules is vocational. This means you are assessed on evidence showing how you applied the concepts, skills and tools you’ve learnt to your own working environment.

Assessment Criteria

You will need to:

  • Assess the operation of a Project or Programme Office to show how it supports the effective delivery of a Programme or Project in your organisation; especially informed decision making and management of information.
  • Identify and describe two actions to promote assurance which can be undertaken in the next 6 months.

Topics covered by the Course Material

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