Course: Risk Management Principles

Qualification description:


This module introduces the basis of Risk Management in change using industry Best Practice and a practical approach to effective implementation.

You should have some overview knowledge of the change process in an organisation.

Who should take the qualification?

People with some experience in a change situation requiring Risk Management.

Anyone whose job includes:

  • project manager,
  • programme manager,
  • programme or project executive,
  • change manager,
  • programme/project office staff,
  • working on a change programme or project.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Determine the main drivers for risk management in a change programme within the organisation context.
  • Propose the information and process structure for risk management in a change programme within the organisation context.
  • Produce a worked example of risk management from a change programme.


Assessment for C4CM modules is vocational. This means you are assessed on evidence showing how you applied the concepts, skills and tools you’ve learnt to your own working environment.

Assessment Criteria

You will need to:

  • Assess the advantages, disadvantages and barriers to effective implementation of Risk Management in your organisation.
  • Design the information requirements for risk management and any gaps in the current implementation.
  • Identify an example threat and opportunity and show how they would be managed through the risk process using the information structures designed.

Topics covered by the Course Material

  • Risk management in change – managing the future
  • Culture and policy for useful risk management – informing decisions
  • Governance and communication
  • The risk process: identify, assess and evaluate, plan, implement.
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