Course: Stakeholders and Communications Principles

Qualification description:


This module introduces you to the need for stakeholder engagement in organisational change and how to do it.

It covers the engagement process, identifying stakeholders and tools for analysing them and their needs, setting communication objectives, designing communications activities and collecting feedback.

The purpose and content of a stakeholder engagement strategy is introduced.

Who should take the qualification?

Anyone involved in stakeholder engagement and communications for the success of a change programme.

Anyone whose job includes:

  • project manager,
  • programme manager,
  • programme or project executive,
  • change manager,
  • programme/project office staff.
  • anyone working on a change programme.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of Stakeholder Engagement in successful organisational change.
  • Identify the Stakeholder Engagement process currently used in an organisational change and its effectiveness.
  • Develop and justify an effective Stakeholder Engagement strategy for organisational change.
  • Prepare an effective communication plan to implement a stakeholder strategy for an organisational change.


Assessment for C4CM modules is vocational. This means you are assessed on evidence showing how you applied the concepts, skills and tools you’ve learnt to your own working environment.

Assessment Criteria

You will need to:

  • Explain why stakeholder engagement is critical to successful change in your organisation.
  • Develop a suitable stakeholder strategy.
  • Identify and analyse some stakeholders.
  • Identify some communications objectives for specific stakeholders.
  • Plan activities to meet those objectives.

Topics covered by the Course Material

  • The context and importance of stakeholder engagement for success in change
  • Identifying stakeholders – being inclusive
  • Analysing stakeholders – where are they now, where do they need to be for success
  • Designing engagement strategies and plans
  • Doing communications
  • Feedback and assessment
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