training Organisations

Benefits for Training Organisations

A Training Organisation will be a training business or a consultancy in change or both.

You will have customers involved in significant internal change who are looking for knowledge and skills to deliver that change effectively and efficiently. Amongst those needing knowledge and skills will be business managers who are not career project or programme managers who never the less need significant support. These are the candidates for C4CM qualifications.

The benefits to a Training Organisation in providing training leading to a C4CM qualification are:

  • Flexible learning to meet the specific knowledge and skills needs of your customers when they need it.
  • Short courses enable lower costs and less time out of work for your customers.
  • You can clearly demonstrate knowledge and skills transfer to your customer's business through the evidence produced by candidates from their vocational assessment work.
  • Recognised accreditation by the Institute of Leadership and Management which is valued by employers and employees.
    Clear benefits to your customers as employers and employees.
  • A set of modules that are mapped onto Best Practice and the National curriculum for management standards; and related to existing project management structures such as IPMA Levels; which are easy to explain to your customers.

See our blog article about delivering Better Training Outcomes. This explains how C4CM enables you to deliver higher value than traditional exam based training to your customers using the Kirkpatrick training outcomes model. Other articles in our blog may interest you as well.

Our involvement with a training company and their customer leading to a Silver Award at the Training Journal 2014 Awards is a good case study.